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Cat Bonnet for Cats

Cat Bonnet for Cats


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Allow your feline to channel its inner Laura Ingalls (or pawsibly the catty Nellie Oleson) with The Cat Bonnet.  It is just what the name promises.  It’s a bonnet for your cat!  Not every kitty is some kind of vain showoff.  Some cats yarn for the plain and simple life, rather than shamelessly showing off their beautiful ears.

This modest cotton bonnet with satin lining fits most cats and frees them from a lifestyle of conceited preening. (If your cat is prideful and disobedient, she won’t like it.)

It's also purrfect for playing Little Kitty on the Prairie or Dr. Whiskers, Medicine Cat on those lonely Friday nights. Kneadless to say, it's a must have gift for crazy cat ladies and gentlemen alike.

100% cotton bonnet. Fits most cats.