Airpod Cleaning Kit (Explained)

There are many airpod cleaning kits available in the market so it’s important to know what to look for when choosing the right one.

First, look for an Airpod cleaning kit that includes a soft, dry cloth.

You may also want to have a 70-percent isopropyl alcohol wipe, a dry, soft-bristled brush, and dry cotton swabs.

You’ll also need some electrostatic Airpod Putty, because it will help remove the dust from your Airpods.

Our Top Picks

Hagibis Cleaning Pen for Airpods Pro 1 2 Multi-Function Cleaner Kit Soft Brush for Bluetooth...
  • Separated Dual Head Design: Hagibis 3-in-1 earphone cleaning kit with Flocking Sponge, High-density Brush and Metal Pen Tip, dual head hidden design to meet a variety of cleaning needs
  • Flocking Sponge: Delicate and soft flocking sponge can clean the dust in the wireless charging case of the earphone
  • High-density Brush: Easily clean the dirt on the sound outlet hole of the earphone and other parts
  • Metal Pen Tip: Metal pen tip can clean the stubborn dust, thoroughly clean the gap
Cleaner Kit for Airpods, HouseGem Bluetooth Airpod Pro Earbuds Cleaning Cleaner Kit Pen, 3 in 1...
  • 【4in Long】Super compact and incomparably portable because it is just 4 inch long!! You can put it wherever and use it at any time anywhere. This industrial design is pretty successful and practical.
  • 【Super easy to use】Press and then push forward the middle button with your thumb, then the metal tine or the sponge will be pushed out. No separate part needs to be installed.
  • 【Function 1: Metal Tine】To clean those sticky and tough dirt hidden between crack and hole. To avoid damaging the object or bending the tine, please don’t put too much strength when using it.
  • 【Function 2: High Density Brush】To clean the dust sticks on acoustic mesh, shallow holes and crack. This brush is very useful and probably you will use it most of the time.
Airpods Cleaner Kit, Earbuds Cleaning Pen, Bluetooth Headphone Cleaning Tool with Cleaning Putty for...
  • 【Upgraded Earbud cleaning kit】The package comes with 1 cleaning pen, 1 microfiber cloth, 48 squares cleaning putty, 10 wet wipes and 10 dry wipes. 360°clean your earbuds/phone/smartwatch/camera. Suitable for Airpods Pro, Airpods 1/2, Samsung Galaxy Buds, Power Beats or any other Bluetooth earbuds. Perfect accessories.
  • 【Handy 3-in-1 Cleaning Pen】Press and push design. It is easy to use the push button to use the two different tools on either side of the pen. The metal tip can remove the crevice stains, the soft brush clean the dust in mesh or small holes without damaging the speaker and the flocking sponge can clean the charging case easily.
  • 【Deep Cleaning Putty】After cleaning the earwax with metal tip and brush, the putty is awesome and can take out all the gunk rather than pushing it in. Achieves 360° total cleaning.
  • 【Cleaner Kits with Microfiber Cloth and Wipes】Finally, use the wet wipes/dry wipes and the microfiber cloth to wipe your fingerprints and finish cleaning! You'll get one pair clean headphones as well as better sound quality. The amazing restorative powers will impress you.
Airpod Cleaner Kit,Earbud Cleaner Kit,iPhone Cleaner Kit,Bluetooth Clean Kit,Cleaner Pen&Cleaner...
  • 【 LIST】Cleaning Putty*48,Cleaning Pen*1 Wet and Dry Cleaning Wipe*2,cleaner cloth *2,soft bristle brushes*4,Cleaning Brush*2, tweezers*1,Storage Box*1;
  • 【DESIGN】Integrated cleaning pen,Pull down one side is chearging hole cleaning brush,The other side Pull down is plush brush&round metal nib;
  • 【 THREE IN ONE】Convenient Double-head hidden design, cleaning pen will meet the cleaning needs of many situations. Multi-functional cleaning parts, including 3 parts, flocked sponge, high-density flocked tip, and metal nib;
  • 【HOW CLEANER EAR WAX】 put the cleanning putty on your airpods & Earbud,squish in and pull it off, out comes the dust and earwax,use Cleaning cloth wipe,you will get a clean airpods;
Cleaner Kit for AirPods 1 2 Pro, 3-in-1 Multi-Function Earbuds Cleaning Pen with Soft Brush for...
  • 🔴【SEPARATED DUAL HEAD DESIGN】3-in-1 airpod cleaning kit with Flocking Sponge, High-density Brush and Metal Pen Tip, dual head hidden design to meet a variety of cleaning needs
  • 🔴【METAL CLEANER PEN TIP】Metal cleaning pen tip can clean the stubborn dust, thoroughly clean the gap
  • 🔴【HIGH-DENSITY BRUSH & FLOCKING SPONGE】There is a soft microfiber brush above the cleaning pen tip, which can deeply clean the small parts and holes of the earbuds. At the other end of the pen is a soft, lightweight flocking sponge that cleans the charging bin.
  • 🔴【PERFECT COMBINATION】You will get a 3-in-1 airpods cleaning pen and 6 pieces of wet and dry cleaning wipe. This combination is the result of our survey of 1,000+ Airpod users.
203PCS Airpod Cleaner Kit,iPhone Charge Port Cleaning kit,Airpods Earbud Cleaning Putty, Remove Ear...
  • 【PACKAGE INLUDES】cleaning putty(90)cleaning sticks(100) soft bristle brushes(5) different kind of Cleaning Brush(2) microfiber cloth(2),steel tweezer(1)Wet and dry cleaning wipe(2) Storage Box (7.7*4.1*0.8)in
  • 【REMOVAL THE EAR WAX】 put the cleanning putty on your airpods, press it and then pull it off, all the ear wax & dust will be removel, you will get a clean airpods, it can also clean iPhone speaker
  • 【WIDELY USED】Screen cleaner, Dirt remover, Extend service time helper. Effective cleaning kit tools for your electronic devices du-st. make your electronic device away from sand , dirt and debris.several sizes of different functions cleaning set,Get rid of the dust and grime on your iPhone, AirPods case
  • 【SUPER VALUE SET】our clean kit set include 203 PCS, it can clean all of your nooks and crannies on your devices like airpods, cell phone, earbuds
Cleaner Kit for Airpods Pro 1 2 3 Multi-Function Cleaning Pen with Soft Brush Flocking Sponge for...
  • Multi-function Cleaning Kit: 3 in 1 cleaner kit with Flocking Sponge, Soft Brush and metal Pen Tip, it is super easy to clean the dust or stubborn dirt, Make your headphones like new.
  • Simple and Convenient Design: Hyashee cleaning pen make with smooth up&down button, when you want to switch clean tool, just push gently the button to clean your devices.
  • Wide Application: It's not just a cleaning pen for headphone, it can also clean your computer, keyboard, phone, camera. If you have a lots of devices, this portable cleaning pen will be your good partner.
  • Portable and Slight: Pocket size cleaning pen, easy to carry and don't tack up space. Weight: 0.4oz; Length: 3.95in; Diameter: 0.53in
Cleaner Kit Compatible with Airpods, Earbuds Cleaning kit,Cleaning Pen with Brush for Bluetooth...
  • 【High Quality】Made of environmentally friendly material, no damage to earbuds components and holes.
  • 【Lightweight and Portable】Pen-shaped design, it is lightweight and easy to carry. It can be used anytime and anywhere. Suitable for Bluetooth earbuds, headsets, mobile phone, computer, tablet, camera and other digital products.
  • 【Soft Brush & Sponge】There is a soft microfiber brush above the pen tip, which can deeply clean the small parts and holes of the earbuds. At the other end of the pen is a soft, lightweight brush that cleans the charging bin.
  • 【360-Degree Cleaning】Well-designed cleaning pen, save labor, help clean hard-to-reach areas or any other corners. It is a must for anyone wearing headphones. Never use liquids to clean the earphones.
AirSquares Earbud Cleaning Putty for Apple AirPods, Remove Ear Wax, Dirt & Gunk from Devices w/...
  • THE ORIGINAL EAR WAX REMOVAL PUTTY – Gently press your earbud or device directly against the AirSquares putty. Peel putty away to remove dirt, wax, gunk, and any other debris. AirSquares are a premium AirPod cleaning kit to aid clean headphones, and improve hygiene & audio.
  • CLEANER APPEARANCE - AirSquares phone putty are the ideal Airpod Pro accessory to keep your electronic buds looking shiny, new, and dust-free. Convenient, easy to use and mess-free, AirSquares are the easiest way to restore your tech devices to like-new quality.
  • INSTANTLY RESTORE SOUND QUALITY - Just like dust on a lens, wax and other debris can distort the sound waves emanating from your AirPods. AirSquares remove wax for better airflow and sound quality.
  • FASTER IPHONE PAIRING - Ear wax and other debris can block the sensors that help pair your AirPods to your iPhone. Removing the blockage can improve the pairing speed of pods to the cellphone.
RANK. 10
2022 Cleaner Kit for Airpods, Wilbeva Bluetooth Earbuds Cleaning Pen for Airpods Pro 1 2 3 Samsung...
  • [Multi-Function ]: 3 in 1 cleaning pen including pen nib, hair brush, flocking sponge, pen nib clean the stubborn dusty, hair brush clean earphone outlet, flocking sponge clean the bluetooth earphone case.
  • [ Material]: Bluetooth earphone cleaner pen is made by ABS+stainless steel+flocking, 4*0.5*0.5 inch ,0.35 ounce, similar to one pen,easy for daily used.
  • [How to use ? ]: Opening the package and catch the cleaning pen, if you want to use flocking sponge head, press and push it forward is ok,press and push it back in middle slot is ok, and the same way to use the pen nib and hair brush.
  • [Ideal gift]: Multi-function cleaning kit pen for bluetooth earphone case,phone and earphone, it would be a ideal gift for the people who usually listen to music, make your electronic product more cleaner.

What tool cleans AirPods?

The AirPods Cleaning Kit includes a special tool called a “spudger” — which Just Away claims is “more accurate than a toothpick, better than a cotton swab” — that’s specifically designed to remove dust and nasty ear wax from the AirPods case.

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The spudger is designed to be used in combination with the included “EarPods Cleaning Brush” and “AirPods Case Cleaning Cloth.

Can AirPods be opened and cleaned?

Yes, AirPods can be opened and cleaned.

To open an AirPods case, just pull down and then twist to the left or right. Question: Can AirPods be charged? Article: Yes, AirPods can be charged.

Charge your AirPods on the included charging case (or cable).

If you want, you can also use an Apple Watch to charge your AirPods.

Can AirPods be professionally cleaned?

Yes, AirPods can be professionally cleaned! In fact, it’s a good idea to keep your AirPods clean to avoid attracting unwanted allergens and germs.

While AirPods are designed to be worn with your ear, they are not impervious to dirt and germs.

However, you can keep your AirPods clean and germ-free by wiping them with a soft, clean cloth. You can also use a microfiber cloth to clean the charging case, as well.

Should I clean my AirPods everyday?

We recommend cleaning them every 72 hours of wear. If you wear your earbuds regularly, this could mean cleaning them once per week.

While this may sound like a lot, it’s an easy activity to do passively when watching TV or listening to a podcast. How do you clean your AirPods?

In the case of AirPods Pro, you get a cleaning tool built into the charging case.

To remove the case, turn it upside down on a hard surface and remove the case.

What happens if you don’t clean your AirPods?

Experts say AirPods and earbuds are often overlooked when it comes to routine cleaning, and this can increase health risks to the users. Excess earwax, ear pain, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and fungal and yeast infections are potential consequences of not cleaning your earbuds.

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If you have AirPods, it’s important to wash them thoroughly after each use. You can do this by using the provided washing instructions, and you should also make sure to keep the tips dry.

Should AirPods be cleaned?

Experts say using AirPods and earbuds can lead to health issues such as excessive earwax, ear pain, and tinnitus. They say it’s important to let your ear canals ventilate after using these devices. Experts also recommend regularly cleaning and disinfecting these earpieces. Keep in mind that using these wireless earpieces can be a good way to prevent noise exposure for you and your children, but they can also be a source of environmental noise.

Why do my AirPods keep getting dirty?

Even AirPods can get dirty. AirPods are susceptible to getting dirty because of the wax in your ears.

Also, their case is always in your pocket, backpack, or touching other dirty surfaces. You can use a microfiber cloth and cotton swabs to clean them.

How do you clean ear wax out of AirPods?

Remove the earpods from the case. Remove the ear tips from each AirPod and rinse the ear tips with water. Don’t use soap or other household cleaners. Wipe the ear tips with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. Make sure that the ear tips are completely dry before reattaching to each AirPod.

Where is the Find My AirPods tool?

To find your AirPods on iOS devices, tap the Find My button on your iPhone or iPad. This opens the Find My app, which lists your AirPods and lets you track their location.

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You can also find your AirPods on, click Find iPhone > All Devices > AirPods, and choose your AirPods.

If you don’t see the AirPods under All Devices, make sure you’re signed into 21, 2021 Question: Why can’t I find my AirPods on iCloud.

How do I completely clean my AirPods?

Using a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe, 75 percent ethyl alcohol wipe, or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, you may gently wipe the exterior surfaces of your AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, AirPods AirPods Max, AirPods Pro, AirPods Power, or EarPods.

To get it to work, you’ll also want to turn off transparency mode. This lets outside sound in, so you can hear what’s going on around you.

How do you clean wax out of AirPods?

How to clean wax out of AirPods

It’s pretty simple! To remove the wax, you’ll need:

  • A razor blade
  • A toothbrush
  • A soft, lint-free cloth
  • A container to collect the wax
  • A container to store the wax

First, remove the AirPods from your ears. Next, apply gentle, circular movements with the razor blade to remove the wax.

Then, take the toothbrush and gently brush the wax off the AirPods.

Why are my AirPods not showing up on Find My?

There are two main reasons why your AirPods will not show up on your iPhone or iPad. One, your AirPods are turned off or in their charging case. Make sure that your AirPods are in their charging case and are turned on first. Two, your iPhone or iPad is turned off. Restart your iPhone or iPad and make sure it is turned on and plugged in.

How do I keep my AirPods clean?

Cleaning your AirPods the right way will maximize their performance and keep them looking good for a long time.

First, don’t run EarPods under water. Water can get into the openings of the EarPods, causing them to short-circuit and lose their charge.

Next, use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.

Third, make sure not to get any liquid in the openings of the EarPods.

Finally, clean the microphone and speaker meshes gently with a dry cotton swab.