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Aircraft Remover 323172 (1 guart) Removes paint, acrylic, lacquer, epoxy, polyurethane & more
  • ✅ Extra Strength
  • ✅ Removes paint, acrylic, lacquer, epoxy, polyurethane & more
  • ✅ Non- methylene chloride
  • ✅ Works on vertical surfaces
Aircraft Remover 323171 (1 gallon) Removes paint, acrylic, lacquer, epoxy, polyurethane & more
  • ✅ Extra Strength
  • ✅ Removes paint, acrylic, lacquer, epoxy, polyurethane & more
  • ✅ Non- methylene chloride
  • ✅ Works on vertical surfaces
Smart Strip Auto Paint Remover - Strips 15+ Layers of Auto Paint - Removal Gel Clings to Vertical...
  • Effective Removal of Auto Paints & Coatings - Removes multiple layers from Cars, Trucks, Vans, RVs, Motorcycles, ATVs, and more! Perfect for spot finishing, detailing, & repainting.
  • Safe On Glossy Metal Finishes - Works on interior & exterior automotive surfaces including metal, fiberglass, aluminum, & most plastics without dangerous chemicals. NO Methylene Chloride or NMP.
  • Easy to Use Gel Formula - Water-based and 100% biodegradable. No Harmful Smells. Simply apply, let set, and rinse off! No neutralization required. Succeeds where many other auto paint removers fail.
  • Trusted by Restoration Professionals - Emulsify stubborn automotive paints, basecoats, industrial paints, & high-performance coatings. Used by Auto Repair Shops & Professional Detailers.
KBS Strip Quart - Paint Remover / Stripper Gel - Contains No Methylene Chloride - Clings To Vertical...
  • KBS Strip is a powerful, heavy-duty paint, stain & varnish remover developed for use on metal, wood, masonry surfaces and the inside of tanks.
  • KBS Strip is a penetrating gel formula that easily clings to vertical surfaces and removes even the toughest finishes and coatings!
Smart Strip Advanced Paint Remover- Strips 15+ Layers of Paint, Environmentally Friendly, Non-Toxic,...
  • Removes 15+ Layers of Paint/Coatings - Works on Wood, Brick, Metal, Concrete, Stone, Plaster, Fiberglass, Masonry, Porcelain, Bathtubs, Moldings, Tile, Glass, Decking, and Cinder Blocks.
  • Safe Water-Based Formula – 100% biodegradable. No Harmful Smells. Fume Free. No dangerous chemicals or caustics, such as Methylene Chloride or NMP. Trusted by Painting Professionals.
  • Works Best on Post 1980 Paints – Professional Strength - Effective inside and out. Simply apply, let set, and rinse off. No neutralization required. No fuss, no muss. Leaves no mess.
  • Made in the USA - Advanced non-toxic formula emulsifies paints and coatings. Used on landmarks, museums, historic buildings, opera houses, and homes worldwide.
Citristrip QCSG801 Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel, 1 Quarts (Pack of 1), Red
  • CITRISTRIP Safer Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel is easy to use.
  • Stays wet and active for up to 24 hours allowing stripping of multiple layers in one step.
  • Removes dried latex and oil-based paint, varnish, lacquer, polyurethane and shellac.
  • Strips multiple layers from wood, metal and masonry surfaces.
FOSHIO Plastic Razor Blade Scraper Include 2PCS Scraper Tool and 100PCS Blades for Gasket Remover,...
  • Plastic scraper set include 2pcs plastic scraper and 100pcs double edge plastic razor blades
  • Plastic Material:It is Light weight and brings the rustproof performance.
  • Double Edge Blades - economical and lasting using. You can change the blades quickly and easily with the Blades clip.
  • Sharp yet flexible to conform to the surface and protect them from being scraped.
SIGNI 5 Pack 4-1/2" x 7/8" Poly Strip Discs Stripping Wheel for Angle Grinder -Remove Paint, Rust...
  • 【APPLICATION】:It can be used for grinding and polishing the surface of steel, aluminum, copper, plastic, fiberglass,fiber products, wood, stone, concrete, etc.
  • 【WORKS ON VARIETY OF SURFACES】Excellent for removal of paint or rust off metal or stone, also great for use on wooden or fiberglass surfaces.
  • 【VARIOUS USAGE】Great for Faster and Effective removes rust, dirt, paint, weld spatter, scaling, oxidation and other surface contaminates.
  • 【GOOD QUALITY】 It does not damage the surface of the object, has uniform grinding force, uniform processing effect, wear resistance, strong water resistance, strong plasticity, and good softness. Dirt will not block the grinding surface, less peeling, low grinding sound and less dust. It uses high-strength wear-resistant fiber mesh as the base material, and combines resin elastomer and high-quality abrasive with a special process to form a high-strength, high wear-resistant grinding wheel.
RANK. 10
TotalBoat TotalStrip Fast-Acting Heavy Duty Gel Paint and Varnish Remover | No Methylene Chloride or...
  • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH PAINT & VARNISH REMOVER. Strips multiple layers effectively with each application. Works on latex and oil-based paints, stains, varnish, lacquer, urethanes, and tough boat bottom paints that can be difficult to remove.
  • EASY-TO-APPLY, FAST ACTING FORMULA WORKS IN JUST 15 MINUTES. Powerful finish remover can strip up to 10 layers of paint in 24 hours. Simple application by brush, roller, or putty knife. Safe for use on most surfaces, including wood, fiberglass, gelcoat, stone, and metal.
  • CONTAINS NO METHYLENE CHLORIDE or NMP. Low odor, non-caustic, easy-on, easy-off formula cleans up with water — no acid wash neutralization is needed after application. No harsh fumes make TotalStrip great for indoor or shop use.
  • GEL FORMULA CLINGS TO VERTICAL SURFACES. TotalStrip can be applied up to 1/2" thick, which is much thicker than other chemical paint strippers, and it won't drip — even on overhead and vertical surfaces.

What chemical will remove paint?

The most common paint removers are methylene chloride, acetone, toluene, methanol, N-methyl-pyrrolidone, sodium hydroxide and ammonia hydroxide. Other paint removing chemicals include isopropyl alcohol, acetone, lacquer thinner and epoxy.

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In general, paint with different types of solvents will require different types of solvents to remove them.

How do you use aircraft paint stripper?

Aircraft paint stripper has a distinctive odor, which most people find to be unpleasant. This can be especially true for people who are sensitive to smells. To deal with this, you can use a chemical-resistant paint stripper, which contains no odor.

Using this product is much easier than using a more traditional paint stripper, which can cause severe irritation if not handled correctly.

Airline companies often recommend using an airplane stripper for this reason. So once you find one that you like, you can feel confident that it will work just fine.

How do you use an airplane stripper?

Apply to one section at a time up to 9 square inches. Brush in one direction only. Allow the remover to work until the finish is blistered or softened completely, generally within 5-15 minutes. Remove paint with a flexible plastic scraper and then flush with solvent or water to remove any residue.

This product is ideal for use on areas that are exposed to sun and weather, including roofing, decking, and trim.

How do you use an aircraft stripper?

Aircraft strippers are used to remove paint from the wings of an airplane. They come in a variety of sizes and can be used at home.

To use an aircraft stripper, you’ll need to soak the paint in water. Once you’ve done that, use the aircraft stripper to remove the paint. It’s good to do this at night in a well-ventilated area.

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How long does paint remover take to work?

Paint remover usually takes 1 to 4 hours to penetrate the surface of a project. It can take as many as 7 layers of paint to strip away, depending on the size of the project.

Paint removers are good at removing epoxy and polyurethane, but they don’t work on metal or masonry.

How do you use paint remover?

If you find paint or paint thinner on a surface that you can’t remove with soap and water, it may be possible to use a solution of water and paint remover.

Paint remover will often be sold as a spray-on or brush-on liquid. When applied, it will cause the paint or paint thinner to break apart so that it’s easier to clean.

To use paint remover on surfaces that contain paint or paint thinner, follow these steps:

First, wipe the area with a damp cloth to remove any excess paint or thinner.

Does paint remover work?

Yes, paint remover can work, but it’s important to remember that it won’t work for all paint types.

Caustic paint removers, typically sodium hydroxide (also known as lye or caustic soda), work by breaking down the chemical bonds of the paint, usually by hydrolysis of the chain bonds of the polymers forming the paint.

Many modern paints have a large number of chain bonds, which are easily hydrolyzed.

What type of paint stripper is recommended for aircraft structure?

Methylene chloride It is an effective stripping method that quickly removes old paint and primer.

How do you strip a plane?

The process of stripping a plane begins with measuring the wing span. With a tape measure, measure the distance from one end of the wing to the other, following the contour of the wing to get the correct measurements.

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Next, identify the wing’s leading edge. This is the part of the wing that will come into contact with the air. The leading edge should be slightly angled to reduce the possibility of the plane stalling.

Next, mark the end of the wing. This is the place where the plane will be attached to the fuselage.

What are 2 ways paint can be stripped from a plane?

To start with, the two basic stripping processes are chemical and mechanical. Chemical stripping is the application of a chemical to the surface of the paint. Mechanical stripping is the application of rotary or hand tools.

With chemical stripping, you have to be aware of the chemicals you use and how they will affect the surface of the plane.

For example, if you use an acidic chemical, you have to be careful that it will not eat into the surrounding material on the plane. If it does so, you could end up with a plane that no longer works properly.

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What is aircraft stripper made of?

Aircraft stripper is made of a combination of chemicals, including methylene chloride, toluene, and other hydrocarbon solvent. Methylene chloride, also called dichloromethane, has serious health risks including death, is likely a carcinogen, and is banned in some countries for consumer use.

Paint strippers that include methylene chloride are often marketed as “green” and “non-toxic” chemicals.